About us


New Life Day Center (NLDC) is a daytime, Christ-centered, shelter and connecting point for Lexington, KY homeless. Established in December of 2011, NLDC has grown from a connecting point and safe refuge for homeless, to now offering programs such as the "End Panhandling Now Van", a weekly medical clinic, and a very successful Rental Deposit Assistance program. As the only downtown daytime shelter, NLDC serves nearly 150 homeless individuals per day and has over 4,100 registered homeless in our 8 year history.


Executive Director-

Tyler Hurst


RDA Manager/ Volunteer Cor.

Debbie Farinelli


STEPS Manager-

Allen Gilbert


Board Chair-

Steve Polston

Panhandling Van Manager-

Jarred Jones

Panhandling Van Finance Sec-

Brenda Gilbert

Watch: Informational Video

Operating Hours:

M-F 8:30am-2:00pm

Sat- 8:30am-11:00am

Sun Worship Service- 1:00pm

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