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A Need for New Life

New Life Day Center

Good Giving Valued Partner 2013The Lexington-Fayette County Social Services Needs Assessment Report of 2008 recognized the immediate problem of homelessness and concluded in its key findings, "There is a great need for ease of accessibility of the multitude of services available within our community." Further, it concluded that "Implementation of a one-stop model such as a 'Neighborhood Place' concept was seen as a crucial step in coordinating service between state and local governments and other community service providers as well as unifying what services are offered and how." In an effort to end chronic homelessness, New Life Day Center is meeting this need by bridging the gap between the homeless and the existing resources operating to serve them in Central Kentucky.

New Life Day Center is a one-stop daytime alternative to the streets where persons affected by extreme poverty and homelessness can seek help and refuge. As the number of homeless men, women, and children living in Fayette County increases, city officials and service providers have identified a need for a one-stop center that would connect the homeless to the opportunities, resources and services they need to improve their situation.

We are grateful for the support of these local church's!
Southland Christian Church
Grace Fellowship of Lexington
Main Street Baptist Lexington
First Baptist Church Paris
Central Baptist Church Paris
First United Methodist Lexington
Porter Memorial Baptist

Outcomes through 2016

  • 150 homeless clients per day off the streets and out of the weather
    4000* clients registered
    450* clients helped into jobs and housing
    7000* client van trips to appointments to other services
    50 clients involved in weekly on-site drug and alcohol treatment
    35 clients involved in weekly christian worship services
    $100 cost per client contacted
    $900 cost per client helped into jobs and housing
    20 volunteers for day center operation on ongoing basis
    60% of total day center expenses have been adopted by donors


Worship Services

Friday Worship Service 6:30-8:00pm
Sunday Worship Service 1:00-2:00pm