Safe Shelter

New Life Day Center (NLDC) provides out of the weather, off of the streets, safe daytime shelter! NLDC is the only Day Center that provides all access, shelter during the daytime hours plus a connecting point to other services. NLDC provides coffee, juice, donuts, and bagels in the morning and lemonade in the afternoons. Clean restroom facilities are also provided.

"Connecting Point" to Services

As clients come into the Day Center for shelter, the NLDC lends assistance on an individual level to meet the needs of each person. Through meeting immediate needs, such as the location of night shelters, Social Security or other agency assistance, medical help, and clothing, the NLDC has the long-term goal of assistance that will break destructive cycles of behavior and establish sound life patterns to sustain a life off the street. On a daily basis this is accomplished through providing phones, making appointments, providing computers with individual thumb drives to retain individual information, and providing transportation to needed services. Onsite assistance is also offered in the form of mental health assistance visits, medical appointments with a nurse practitioner, Bible study classes, life skill classes, and presentations from support service options such as job assistance, Veterans’ Administration services, and housing options.

Locker Storage

NLDC provides Locker Storage, one of the most popular services. Clients can gain access to a secure locker and keep their possessions there on an ongoing basis. They must first be placed on a waiting list and may wait several weeks. One hundred and ten lockers are currently assigned, and there are many people on the waiting list. .


*Hours of operation- Monday–Friday 8:30am-3:00pm, Saturday 8:30am-11:30am 

*NA and AA meetings- (AA)Sunday 9:00am, (AA)Tuesday 5:30pm (Women Only), (NA)Wednesday 6:00pm AND 7:30pm, (NA) Thursday 6:00pm, (NA) Saturday 12:00pm

*Non-Denominational Christian Church Service- Friday 6:00pm, Sunday 1:00pm