Success Stories

*We measure success by the number of homeless clients we assist in permanently getting off the street with jobs and/or stable housing. In 2016, we housed over 120 men, women, and children through our Rental Deposit Assistance program. A program that is in place to help homeless, who have income, with deposit assistance to overcome a major barrier that keeps them on the street. This one of a kind program has been a roaring success for NLDC and the homeless population in 2016. Our records indicate over 90% success rate for clients who receive a deposit, have stayed housed at least six months!

Formerly Homeless  Now Housed!

*Another measure of success is the clients who are led to Christ with our help. Recently, a client called to thank us for being an instrument in his salvation. "Anthony" had rejected all overtures by Christian witnesses for over 20 years. He related that one day several months ago we had helped convince him to join our Bible discussion. Anthony said that stirred something in him, and he has accepted Christ, found a permanent job, and lives off the street in stable housing.

For us, success is just helping people. Over 4,000 homeless clients have come to our Day Center since opening in 2011, at any given time you may see an NLDC volunteer helping a client with a job application, medical paperwork, or even helping with homework.. We give them a chance at a new life!


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